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The company GLM Ltd. began its life in February 1993 as a newspaper distributor and subscriptions provider specializing in foreign titles. Having built a strong customer base, the firm began adding domestic newspapers to its offer. Today, GLM's distribution arm offers upwards of 7,000 titles from around the globe.

From its inception, GLM's mission has been to provide services not only of the highest quality, but also flexibly tailored to the needs and expectations of customers. These considerations lay behind the company's decision, in the mid 1990's, to expand into press retailing ( more info on the GLM network can be found at ... ). Since then, GLM has been developing a proprietary chain of newsagent's kiosks and stores and in 2005 decided to branch off into coffee bars to open the Break Cafe chain of bookstore coffeehouses. The BC concept uniquely combines a classic cafe, serving top-quality coffee and snacks, with an intellectual meeting-point, holding book and newspaper launches, discussions, and similar events. The two Break Cafe's launched thus far, in attractive parts of Warsaw, have been home to meetings with important figures in the media, the arts and science. New cafe's are planned to open in the biggest Polish cities. The chain serves exquisite Sicilian coffee, supplied by a renowned roastery, Ionia ( for more info on Ionia , see ... ).

Following the success of Ionia 's sublime coffee - brewed according to the highest standards - with Break Cafe's customers, GLM decided to bring the Torrefaziona Ionia products to a wider buyer base.