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Since 2006, GLM has supplied the Polish consumer (including through its own network of coffeehouses, Break Cafe) with exceptional coffee blends from the renowned Sicilian roastery, IONIA ...il caffe. Ionia is a traditional family company with almost half a century of history. Its roasting facilities use only the best, meticulously sorted varieties of Arabica and Robusta, mixing them in exquisite blends.

Break Cafe's baristas are trained to brew Ionia 's high-quality beans, to ensure that the coffee served throughout the network is up to the same standard.

Maintenance of the highest standards of quality assures that regardless of place, coffee carries the same taste and aroma.

The delights of the Ionia blends have attracted growing numbers of buyers who, via Ionia's Polish partner, GLM, purchase the likes of Gran Crema, Arabica 100% and, increasingly, products from the Ionia d'Oro series. Also in demand are the ground coffees, sold in excellent, 250-gram vacuum packaging. These can be easily home-brewed using the so-called french press, also purchasable through Ionia and GLM.